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About us

TRE EMME was founded in 1976, the company has always provided it's experience and equipment for the milling and feed industries. Our highly trained and specialized personnel is able to comply whith the many different aspects of such industries. TRE EMME can project and build SCREW CONVEYORS, CHAIN BUCKET ELEVATORS, CHAIN CONVEYORS, and custom machines for every possible situation. TRE EMME also provides trained personnel for the manteinance of  such machines.
In 1992 TRE EMME starts it's partnership with CPM Europe,  world leader in pellet mills for every kind of pellet product (wood pellet, waste pellet, feed pellet). CPM, with it's Roskamp-Champion division,   is also leader in cylinder mills manufacturing, for the production of flour, flaking, and milling in general. TRE EMME  can provide counselling in the choiche of the best of such  products for your businesses, providing original spare parts and assistance, with our specialized technicians.
In 2005 TRE EMME became the italian exclusive distributor for SAMPLEX samplers and HOLMEN pellet testers, products of unquestioned reliability.
SAMPLEX is a major brand for the production of the most reliable machines for the extraction of raw materials from vehichles. Their automatic and semi-automatic samplers are able to extract reliable, constant, and uniform samples of the most wide variety of products, such as flours, cereals, seeds, and pellets.
The HOLMEN pellet-tester is the most efficient and precise machine for testing pellet durability, it is available in many different models, from manual to fully automatic/in line models.
The HOLMEN range recently introduced it's LIGNOTESTER machine, which is the most suitable for testing wood pellets and it's powders, in accordance to the EN PLUS 14961-2 regulation.
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